Shemaya Guidance Sessions

Transformational Guidance sessions are intended to help a person with their

metamorphic journey toward recovering their most authentic self. These navigations

utilize verbal exchange and, when applicable, a combination of energy/frequency

techniques, aromatherapy, sound therapy and other modalities. 

The route may include gently exploring core beliefs, ‘story’ telling, generational

imprinting, root causes & conditioned reactions – any of which may inhibit the

sense of freely being able to BE oneself.

Every session is individualized on its own merits with each client.

Spiritual Growth Guidance sessions are intended as directional & tutorial support

during the journey of spiritual awakening. 

For many this can be a confusing time as nothing seems as it used to be – whether

it’s a change in dream style, the frequency of synchronicities, realizing certain things

don’t make sense, having a deep desire to learn about ancient traditions, wondering

‘who you are’, noticing heightened senses and a curiosity about ‘the unknown’ etc.

Regardless of the stage of development, having help to navigate & integrate the shifting

perspectives can alleviate some of the confusion during this unfolding process and can

be a vital component to being able to thrive and not feel alone.  The objective for the

sessions is to determine a flexible path that suits the aspirant in both style and rate of


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