Reiki (commonly pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing system in which the practitioner places their hands on and/or above the client’s body assisting that person’s natural process of healing by channeling a gentle high-frequency ‘energy’ (the invisible’ish sacred aspect of life that keeps us alive) to the areas that need it.  Reiki isn’t limited to the physical aspect of our beings, though, which is fortunate for us since we have mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  Our life force flows and swirls inside all of what makes us up and through the fields that surround us (our auric/subtle bodies).  When any of these bodies has a disturbance or a blockage (thoughts or experiences that translate into stress and any other variety of dis-ease) it affects all the other bodies as well, resulting in an ‘un-well’ feeling.  Reiki can address it.  There is no limit.

Each 90-minute session’s utilizes Reiki by gently working with your body’s energy system at a quantum level; assisting the body in healing itself through the natural frequencies of the body’s electromagnetic system.

A specialized selection of Drumming, Tapping, Ancestral Work, Essential Oils & Guidance may be included.  Selection is made with regard to what will be most beneficial to the client’s energy system at the time of the session.



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