Thoughts traveling on breezes

tickling memories from

some … place that has

always been and forever will

be a part of the breath

that is


Sit up listening and aware

while engaging the art of

‘not listening’ in case

listening too hard

stops the act of hearing …

while the tickling continues

Friends from in between places

that have always been known

are communicating … towards us

or amongst themselves,

continuing conversations,

passions, loves and wisdom


Catch glimpses of the

white shadows they/we are

seeing the unseen that is see-able,

interpreting illusions of our own

impeccable ‘imaginated’ reality of

the embracing circumstances

that calls itself ‘our life’


Things pour out and

come together in ridiculous

patterns and waves so

making sense of it

becomes a sticky web

and in the distance

we see that the spider

… is coming.


Giving up the fear of ‘is’

and ‘is not’ of ‘what’

and ‘what not’,

how that looks or

might not look …

sprays lovely peanuts

on the path

for the elephant


What? Right! Exactly!




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