Moving Forward


The past has passed.

It’s over.


Not letting go of it, well … that’s like hanging on to an elastic band that comes slamming back into you, re-creating the bruise that might have been healing. The PAST does not belong to you. It is no longer meant to be a part of your NOW. If you keep your fingers clutched to its dying heartbeat you perpetuate (your decision) its leeching its poison into your being.

Please stop.

Its only value is (or was supposed to be) illuminating the pieces in you that are in need of healing … and, to set as barricades, your returning to old habits. View the tool of your past as an aide to grooming your happiness.

That being said … (hugs) … by NO means, is the pain and trauma that you’ve experienced meant to be minimized. NEVER! If your story feels horrible to you, then, it was horrible and you deserve … to be heard … and, have ample time to process. Your experience is real and valid.

Letting go of your past is staking a claim to your own value. Its releasing the others, establishing YOUR boundaries and dealing with its effects.


More than likely.

Sorry, sweetheart. It. Is.

Your responsibility with your past is to learn from it. Nothing more. Let it propel you to your fullest potential … to your most beloved and vibrant way of being … to your reason for being. Until you grab the balls of the ‘before’ and tell them who’s boss … you are their captive and, they have all the power.

Its meant to be yours.

Take it.

Lock it in your heart to … set your soul on fire and light up the world.

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