“Life of the maggot.”  

“Life of the fly.”

I don’t blame you if you stop reading. It sounds disgusting, right? My first reaction was, “Seriously? This is what shows up? This is just gross!”

Should you grace me with your continued attention, here’s a brief explanation of how I got to this point:

A few days ago I was enjoying a meditation in which I was imagining my life force energy vibrating inside a massive amethyst geode. Fun right? It was! I love this visualization!  It reminds me of ‘home’. More than likely, I had some music conducive to meditation playing to facilitate feelings of tranquility.  I thought about the Christ/Buddha/Love Consciousness.  I imagined the ‘I AM’ presence within my physical body.  Suddenly (like ‘WOW’ suddenly) this incredible yellow colored light – like none I’ve ever witnessed before – appeared in my mind’s eye. The yellow had a phosphorescent lime green tinge to it with whiffs of white and bright yellow intermingling with (not at) its edges. The light fluttered and waved and radiated like the Aurora Borealis.  It was hypnotically soothing to watch. This vision lasted for a good five minutes, if not more. During this visual I did not hear any messages, however, I was aware that it was a manifestation of the ‘I AM’ within me in that precise moment. So affirming!

The next day I wanted to meditate with an intent set for hearing a message from the color vibration of the previous day.  Perhaps that sounds odd, for whatever reason, but not within the world of quantum physics – which supports the life in all things. So anyway, when I set out to do the meditation I discovered, when I laid down, that my head felt like it was going to explode from the sinus pressure (due to the congestion in it … I had been experiencing a severe head/chest cold for a couple of days).  It was so unbelievably uncomfortable I decided not to do it.

After that day passed, I made the effort, again, only to observe the communiqué of “It’s going to be different today,” … more than once.  I proceeded, never-the-less, to play some music relating to the 3rd chakra (the color yellow).  Well, between the sneezing, coughing and dripping mucous there was NO WAY this was going to be a similar meditation to the previous one. I closed my eyes again (curious as to just how this would be different … sort of assuming the disturbances of the virus to be the challenge), focused on the music, and asked for a message from the yellow vibration. What instantly – instantly – popped into my ears was, “Life of the Maggot. Life of the Fly.

My eyes sprang open as I thought, “Where in the world did that come from?  That’s just gross! I’m not going to write this down.”  Oh, I should mention that I was seated on an upright chair (better drainage position for the – purposefully not claiming it as my own – sinuses) and had my laptop open to chronicle what was presented.  I battled with myself for a few minutes and gradually acquiesced to the guidance, because the next words that came through were, “All things are good.”  I was told this would be different!

I closed my eyes again and, with respect, I envisioned a maggot …and, all its little wriggly maggot cohorts.   I typed down whatever came up in relation to that image.  Then, I did the same with the fly.

After a few moments, I opened my eyes, reviewed my notations, saw with ‘my fly eyes’ what, most likely, was the message from maggot and decided to investigate the symbolism of both forms of this insect.  Honestly, I didn’t really think there’d be anything for maggot, but one never knows.

Here’s my rendition of the message from fly: Abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions and endeavors, indeed in all aspects of your life, are here. Be prepared to move quickly even in unfavorable and uncomfortable conditions. An exponential growing source of abundance is immediately available. Use your keen eyesight to see the way. Never give up. Your persistence and ability in reaching your goals are fruitful … even if it means annoying others or being selfish for a while (sounds pretty fly-like, huh).

Maggot was then confirmed (Yes! I uncovered information online!) in the symbolism of the life-cycle: 1) decay is frequently necessary and has its benefits  2) life from death … think compost for your garden, phoenix, old skin sloughing off … you get the idea.

Not so bad or creepy after all, eh?  In fact, so many of those points were, and are, ‘spot on’ that I feel over-whelmed when I think about writing them all down.  So I won’t.  On the other hand I will inform you of this one: I realized right from the start of this head/chest cold that came to visit a few days ago (I hadn’t been ill for ages!) that I was being strongly encouraged (hahaha) to stop, stop STOP thinking and doing and allow things (myself included) to BE.  Seriously, I was too tired, uncomfortable and congested anyway to think or do anything.  It was opportune timing. I decided to (and still do) consider this respite (wasn’t that polite?) a gift and a necessary and timely part of my life’s path.  BE and not do, BE and not do, BE and not do … and, don’t even think about doing. Alrighty then.

For the next few days I had the bizarre pleasure of recognizing Maggot (this amuses me) as a Spirit Guide (a Remember-er, if you will), whenever I had ego-generated thoughts that tried to open the door to anxiety – I hadn’t been able to ‘work’ for a week so, think financial anxiety for example. I thought, “Ah. I see. Maggot can shine here!  My unexpected archetypal friend is here to eat up all the decaying and inhibiting habits/patterns of thought that, seriously, no longer serve my higher purpose.  Wow!  Go, Maggots! Who knew?

My desire is to revise more than my conscious thinking, and tendency to linger within those thoughts, especially if they foster ‘garbage feelings’.  Changing my being and allowing a healthy evolutionary process requires recalibrating my DNA because DNA is known to hold memories from the ancestors … even if that is from over 1000 years ago! Gasp.  Not all long-held memories nurture current desires (maggots come in handy here). My desire is to bloom anew within the Awareness of Being.

All things are possible.

All things ARE possible. Assume the consciousness of already having what you desire.


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