doTERRA Essential Oils


For a limited time you can buy Copaiba softgels ($35.50) and get On Guard softgels ($29 value) at no additional cost. And, as long as the supply lasts, you may purchase up to 5 sets! Pssssst … these are selling out quickly. What a POWER house!

Take a look at these powerhouse properties naturally found in Copaiba and in the essential oils in the blend:

  • analgesic
  • antibacterial
  • anti- infectious
  • antiviral
  • disinfectant
  • immunostimulant
  • and more

Not only are these a great combo for antioxidant support but also for promotion of a healthy immune system. Tis the season (in all honesty, its been the season for a few years, eh?). This is a great time to stock up.

Drop me a message and I can hook you up … with those and more! I’ll send you a graphic of what the ‘more’ is all about.

Or use this link: (again, you can order up to 5). BUT, I recommend that you connect with ME because there is potential to cash in on a LOT of FREE product right now.

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