A Reiki Affair

Here’s a NEW event to celebrate being a Reiki Practitioner! All levels & degrees of experience are welcome (you do not have to be one of my students) … but, space is limited to 8 participants. This celebration will commence with everyone receiving a 3-4 minute Reiki Empowerment Session (it boosts the attunements you’ve previously been given – its amazing) followed by a 15 minute meditation. Next we’ll enjoy a bit of conversation which can include questions, ideas and experiences. After that we’ll take turns receiving Reiki from the other participants (all at the same time … another incredible experience) for 15-20 minutes including a time to share intuitive revelations that may have occurred. Then, depending on how much time we have left … we’ll delve into practicing a new technique or two. A light refreshment will be provided.

Time: 11-4
Cost: $25
Location: My home office @ 1155 Dyer Lake Road
text me @ 231-620-2794

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