Regina Secor Premil

Regina Secor Premil, an accomplished businesswoman, has developed a distinctive approach to her career guided largely by her intuitive sense. She isn’t just any entrepreneur; Regina understands the deeper connections between mind, body, and nature in facilitating well-being and success. Her journey with energy medicine extends beyond a mere interest—it’s a dedicated study spanning over two years, underpinning her comprehensive grasp of holistic healing practices.

From a tender age, Regina felt an innate compulsion to heal through touch, often placing her hands on animals to share a silent language of care and restoration. It wasn’t just a childish fancy, but the early signs of a lifelong passion for tapping into the natural world’s therapeutic energies. Her affinity for nature goes beyond enjoyment—it’s a source of energy replenishment and a medium for grounding herself in the principles she now espouses professionally.

Her qualifications speak volumes about her dedication to mastering the art of energy healing. Regina Premil is not only a Certified Reiki Master but also an AromaTouch Technician, skill sets that require patience, dedication, and a profound understanding of the energetic interplay at work within living beings.

Her services are a reflection of her expertise and encompass a spectrum of healing techniques. She offers energy clearing for homes and real estate properties—a process that is becoming increasingly sought after as people recognize the importance of a harmonious living space in promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

For those seeking personal rejuvenation or healing, Regina provides AromaTouch Technique sessions. This clinical approach to essential oil application is a sensory experience designed to promote systemic relaxation and stress reduction. Moreover, her Reiki sessions invite both people and animals to experience the subtle yet potent energy work that can foster healing, balance, and tranquility.

The breadth of her skills also underscores an important fact that she recognizes the universality of energy principles, as she extends her Reiki practices to animals as well. Her belief is that all creatures are deserving of and responsive to the compassionate energy that Reiki embodies.

Through her multifaceted services, Regina Secor Premil doesn’t just offer temporary solace; she endeavors to open pathways to lasting wellness and alignment, empowering others to connect with the inherent healing power within and around them.

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