Katherine “Kat” Palms

Katherine, through the Leelanau Wellness Collective, stands as a beacon of tranquility and personal growth. Her role as Director is not merely administrative but transformative, for she dispenses wisdom and guidance with a decade of yoga instruction and wellness workshop leadership under her belt. Her journey into wellness is punctuated by her authorship of a renowned Face Yoga Guide and the inception of Leelanau County’s inaugural wellness weekend retreats—an initiative that has now become a cherished tradition.

Delving deeper into Katherine’s contributions, one finds that her experience extends to designing bespoke wellness retreats over the last three years—retreats that are not just vacations, but voyages into the soul, meticulously crafted to leave participants rejuvenated and infused with a renewed zest for mindful living. Her expertise is also generously imparted to burgeoning instructors through her assistance in teacher training programs and retreats spanning over eight years.

In every session and interaction, Katherine utilizes an eclectic blend of teachings, informed by her extensive training, to introduce the transformative and healing energies of Reiki to clients across all walks of life. Whether young or seasoned by life’s tapestry, clients are welcomed to experience the restorative touch that Katherine so skillfully administers.

Embedded within her philosophy is the poignant belief that the human body communicates in its own profound language—a language that beckons us to listen intently and respond with care to the innermost needs expressed by our soul. To answer this calling and embark upon a journey with Katherine, prospective seekers of well-being are invited to connect via email at info@wellbeingwithkat.com. Furthermore, for the inquisitive mind eager to explore the depths of Katherine’s training and certifications, a gateway of knowledge awaits at wellbeingwithkat.com.

It’s this mingling of professional experience, deep-seated passion, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of others that crowns Katherine not just as a guide but as a vanguard in the pursuit of a life lived wholly and healthily.

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