Charlotte de La Fontaine

With a profound commitment to aiding individuals in achieving an equilibrium between their physical and ethereal selves, Charlotte de La Fontaine is truly a beacon in the vast realms of energy medicine. Her journey into the intricacies of human wellness began when she was only 11 years old, sparking a radiant career that would span over five decades and encompass a multitude of countries. Charlotte’s unwavering dedication has established her not only as a practitioner but also as an esteemed educator, guiding others to discover their own paths to wellness.

As a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher since the year 1999, Charlotte has harnessed the subtle energies that permeate our existence, channeling them to heal and empower. Her ordination as a minister and academic pursuit characterized by an Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies have bestowed upon her a diverse and comprehensive spiritual framework, enriching her approach towards healing.

Charlotte’s expertise extends beyond the traditional, touching the avant-garde realms of quantum healing through her certification in the transformative discipline of Matrix Energetics. This proficiency empowers her to mold and rejuvenate the very fabric of the physical matrix, ushering in profound shifts in well-being.

She also possesses an intricate understanding of Foot Reflexology, tapping into the intricate map of pressures points that reflect the entire body’s health, and she is adept in the AromaTouch Technique, which employs powerful aromatic compounds to stimulate and balance.

At the heart of her vocation lies SHEMAYA, Charlotte’s wellness practice that serves as a sanctuary for ‘Harmonious Being.’ It is within these nurturing confines that clients are enveloped in a holistic healing experience. Charlotte’s armamentarium features an impressive array of modalities, ranging from the purest doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, the resonant frequencies of Drumming, Chimes, and Tingshas, to the clarifying power of Muscle Testing and the transformative voyages facilitated by Journey Work and attentive Listening.

Charlotte de La Fontaine’s life work is a testament to her deep-rooted belief in natural solutions to wellness, a tireless quest to harmonize body, mind, emotion, and spirit, and a legacy of health and peace that resonates with all who walk through the doors of SHEMAYA.

Individual sessions are customized to the person at the time of the appointment; be it in person or virtually.

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