• Moving Forward


    The past has passed. It’s over. Done. Not letting go of it, well … that’s like hanging on to an elastic band that comes slamming back into you, re-creating the bruise that might have been healing. The PAST does not belong to you. It is no longer meant to be a part of your NOW. If you keep your fingers clutched to its dying heartbeat you perpetuate (your decision) its leeching its poison into your being. Please stop. Its only value is (or was supposed to be) illuminating the pieces in you that are in need of healing … and,…

  • human hands illustrations
    Moving Forward


    CHOICE Gentle waves of light everywhere surround and penetrate each being of divine creation. The river of life guiding and available upon each breath for those with eyes to see. There is no place where this love…

  • Moving Forward


    Imagine a closet over (OVER) stuffed with all the things. All the things you don’t want to deal with, don’t know how to deal with, think you’ll take care of later, have assigned some unknown value to…

  • Rebranding


    It’s time to make the magic happen. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am rebranding GreenStone Pathways. This business name reflected things I liked and that, I felt, represented me … after a fashion. For…

  • Evolving


    “Life of the maggot.”   “Life of the fly.” I don’t blame you if you stop reading. It sounds disgusting, right? My first reaction was, “Seriously? This is what shows up? This is just gross!” Should you grace…

  • Reiki


    Reiki (commonly pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing system in which the practitioner places their hands on and/or above the client’s body assisting that person’s natural process of healing by channeling a gentle high-frequency ‘energy’ (the invisible’ish…

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